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become a greenie - career.


career represents a dynamic path of professional growth and development, showcasing one's evolving journey within one's chosen field and its future potential.

do what you love.

We offer you: a creative and harmonious team with many different characters and know-how carriers from the areas of taxes, IT, data, processes, sustainability and technology. You are important to us, which is why we place great value on targeted and diverse development opportunities.

startup + network

The flexibility of a startup in combination with our strong network allows us to realize projects of any size. Thus, you can bring your talent to exciting projects and develop it freely.

become a greenie

Time is the most valuable commodity on this planet. Surround yourself with people who pull you up and you will enrich yourself and others. With us, team spirit is not just a phrase.

code of trust

Trust is the basis for positive, interpersonal relationships and an ethical corporate culture. Therefore, the value of trust is firmly part of our guiding principles. This promotes internal and external cooperation, commitment and long-term success. 

At greenfield, we are looking for talent to help us make that significant difference to support our clients and drive joint projects forward.

We grow with you.

social media.

In addition to LinkedIn, we are also active on Instagram. There you will find information about our work and also insights behind the scenes of greenfield.


Click here to go directly to our Instagram feed.

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