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Microsoft Power Platform

challenges & opportunities.

The Microsoft Power Platform opens up a whole new dimension for the digital transformation of your control function. The Microsoft Power Platform combines the strengths of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents services into one integrated solution. It enables the creation of custom apps, automation of processes, data visualization and interactive chatbots. Our consulting approach in this area focuses on making the most of this powerful platform for your fiscal needs and creating customized solutions.

Complexity of the platform

The Microsoft Power Platform offers a wide range of tools and functions.The challenge is to select the right tools and use them effectively to achieve the desired results.

Data integration

Integrating different data sources and systems into the Power Platform can be complex.Data quality, formatting, and consistency must be carefully considered.


The introduction of new tools and technologies often requires changes in work processes.Successful change management is required to minimize resistance and promote acceptance of the new solutions.

Upskilling of employees

The introduction of the Microsoft Power Platform in your control function opens up new opportunities, but also requires an adjustment of the employees' skills and competencies.In this respect, targeted upskilling plays a decisive role in deriving the full benefit from this platform.

Adaptation to tax requirements

The Power Platform must be configured to meet specific tax specifications and requirements.Complex tax regulations often have to be taken into account here.

Automation of processes

The Power Platform enables the automation of manual, time-consuming tasks, which can lead to a significant increase in efficiency in the control function.

Faster decision-making

Data-driven analytics and dashboards with Power BI give you real-time insights into fiscal data, enabling informed and rapid decision-making. The ability to develop custom apps and chatbots enables customization for specific fiscal needs and processes.

Improved collaboration

The Power Platform promotes collaboration between different teams by facilitating access to relevant tax information and data. Through automation and consistent data processing, the Power Platform minimizes potential errors in tax processes.

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Martin Krejci

Martin Krejci

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our consulting. 

Our consulting approach is based on a holistic approach that aims to understand and analyze your specific tax challenges and develop tailored solutions. In doing so, we combine specialist knowledge, technological expertise and many years of experience to create sustainable added value for your tax function.


1. analysis and needs identification: we start with a thorough analysis of your current tax processes, challenges and goals. This helps us identify the need for change and establish a clear basis for our consulting services.


2. individual strategy development: Based on the analysis, we develop an individual strategy tailored to your fiscal needs and goals. This strategy forms the framework for the further steps of our consulting.


3. technology integration: We recognize the potential of modern technologies such as the Microsoft Power Platform and use them in coordination with your internal IT and the IT strategy of your company to create solutions that optimize your tax processes and open up new opportunities.

4. Tailored solutions: Our experts develop customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. These solutions can range from custom app development to process automation.


5. support during implementation: we accompany you during the implementation of the developed solutions, ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into existing processes, and support you in the event of challenges that arise.


6. change management and training: the success of change often lies in the successful management of change processes. We support in communicating and implementing the changes in your control function and train the teams accordingly.


7. sustainable partnership: Our approach aims to build long-term partnerships. We understand that the continuous change and evolution of your tax function requires long-term support and integration into the respective Tax Operating Model (TOM).


Our strength lies in not only identifying issues, but also developing and implementing innovative solutions that create sustainable value for your tax function. Our consulting approach is designed to optimize your tax processes, increase efficiency and improve the ability to make data-driven decisions - all with the goal of making your tax function fit for the future.

fields of play. 


Process Optimization and AutomationWe assist in identifying manual and time-consuming tax processes that can be automated. By applying the Power Platform, we develop solutions that enable smooth automation and increase efficiency.


Data Analysis and ReportingWe help unlock the full potential of your tax data.With Power BI, we develop meaningful dashboards and reports that provide real-time insights into tax-related information and enable informed decision-making.


Individual app developmentOur experts develop individual apps that are specifically tailored to your tax requirements.Whether for tracking tax compliance, managing documents or other tasks - we create solutions that optimize your processes.

Collaboration and communicationWith Power Apps, we develop applications that improve collaboration in the tax function.Whether for collaborative document editing or tax task coordination, we foster effective communication.


Chatbots for tax inquiriesImplementing chatbots with Power Virtual Agents makes it possible to answer tax-related questions and inquiries in an automated way.This optimizes communication and facilitates access to tax expertise.

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Change management and trainingWe create specific training programs that prepare your employees for the changes. This facilitates the transition to the new technologies and processes.


Our consulting services related to the Microsoft Power Platform offer a wide range of deployment options tailored to your individual tax requirements. Whether it's process automation, data-driven analytics, or custom app development, we leverage the strengths of the Power Platform to optimize your tax processes and maximize your value.

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