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expertise is a deep and specialized knowledge or skill in a particular field or subject.

We have made a conscious decision to establish a comprehensive consulting portfolio in the areas of Tax, Sustainability and Consulting. This decision is significantly influenced by the deep rootedness of these topics in the DNA of our core business, which is based on data, processes and regulatory requirements.

The integration of these consulting areas enables us to provide you with a holistic service offering that covers various aspects of business challenges. 

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Our core competencies in the areas of data and processes form the foundation for our consulting services. We analyze data, processes and IT systems and ensure that our clients meet the constantly changing regulatory requirements. This expertise flows seamlessly into our Tax, Sustainability and Consulting services.

tax. for us thinking in terms of fiscal data and processes. The ever-changing reporting and data granularity requirements challenge our clients to align data, processes and systems and to anchor themselves more strongly with the operational business units. We think of the control function holistically. Our focus is on the ERP system world of our customers and thus justifies our strong expertise in the areas of SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.


sustainability. more to us than just fulfilling new reporting obligations. We provide our customers with comprehensive support in implementing their regulatory and process challenges. Based on our extensive expertise in digitization projects and ERP system consulting, we build reporting processes and implement green compliance management systems. 


In addition, we are a reliable companion in the design of sustainable business models and the implementation of corresponding mitigation projects. We fulfill the diverse requirements for the accompaniment of an ESG transformation in the association of our xgreen network.


consulting. for us the interaction of IT, data and processes. We support our customers in the design and implementation of data management concepts. Our experts support companies in developing customized solutions, taking into account the given overall IT strategy of our customers. If a more specific solution is needed, we are also happy to develop individual software solutions together with our customers. In doing so, we also bring in our extensive technical SAP expertise for support.


In today's world, an interdisciplinary advisor for tax, sustainability and consulting issues and requirements is essential. The complexity of global markets requires a holistic approach that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. Such a consultant combines tax expertise with a deep understanding of environmental and social responsibility as well as corporate strategy. Thus, we enable our clients not only to optimize their financial performance and ensure tax compliance, but also to achieve sustainability goals and meet reporting obligations in order to strategically adapt to the changing business environment.



On the separate subpages you will find our consulting portfolio in the areas listed above and our contact persons.

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