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challenges & opportunities.

In an era characterized by intensive digitization, global networking and growing complexity of tax regulations, tax functions are facing a unique opportunity but also a mandate for transformation. This is also accompanied by challenging tasks for the existing organization. Adapting to the digitization of the business but also of the administration, coping with taxation and reporting obligations from global business activities and fulfilling increasing responsibilities within limited resources form the central scenario shaping the future direction of the tax function.

Digitization for the tax function

Advancing digitalization opens up the opportunity to automate tax processes and carry out data-based analyses. This can provide precise insights, facilitate decision-making and free up valuable resources.

Data complexity and integrity

The increase in digital data sources brings with it the challenge of data complexity and integrity. Tax function must ensure that data is captured, consolidated and analyzed correctly to ensure and declare reliable tax information.

Target Operating Model (TOM)

An effective TOM creates a clear structure and clear responsibilities within the tax function. This enables faster adaptation to changing requirements and contributes to increasing efficiency.

Regulatory complexity and reporting obligations

The constantly changing tax regulations worldwide require continuous adaptation. Tax functions must be flexible to ensure compliance and minimize risk.

Strategic direction

Integrating the tax function into the corporate strategy opens up opportunities to incorporate tax aspects into business decisions at an early stage. This allows the tax function to act as a strategic partner and contribute to value creation.

Budget restrictions

As tasks and requirements increase, control functions often face budget restrictions. Increasing efficiency and optimal use of existing resources are crucial in order to still achieve top performance.


Globalization opens up opportunities for growth, but also brings with it tax challenges due to cross-border business. The ability to delegate and control international tax requirements can provide competitive advantages.

Change communication

The introduction of a strategic direction requires clear communication and sensitization of the stakeholders involved. Aligning the tax function with the corporate strategy requires comprehensive change communication and targeted change management.

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Anker Digitalisieung

our consulting. 

Our consulting does not only aim at short-term solutions, but aims at building a deep and long-term partnership. This is crucial, as only through intensive collaboration can we get to know your individual requirements, corporate culture and operational processes. Only with this understanding can we develop a customized strategy, facilitate the seamless transfer of legal requirements into your operational processes, and effectively deliver real value as a "rent-a-tax team".


Without this trusted partnership, it would be difficult to best support your tax function. By thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with your business, employees and processes, we lay the foundation for the successful implementation of our consulting services. A long-term relationship allows us to continually make adjustments, develop strategies that fit your situation exactly, and ultimately ensure that our solutions are sustainably successful.


Building such a partnership is essential for us to serve you as a trusted partner at eye level and provide the best possible value for your tax transformation.


For example, this is how we proceed together:


Needs analysis and goal setting:

We start with a thorough analysis of your tax situation, challenges and goals. Together, we define clear objectives for the long-term transformation of your tax function.


Customized strategy development:

Based on the needs analysis, we develop a customized strategy that optimally addresses the requirements of your tax function. This strategy forms the foundation for our long-term partnership.


Digitalization and data management:

We identify digital solutions that make your tax processes more efficient and provide data-driven insights. In doing so, we take into account individual data requirements and ensure sustainable data management.


Mediation and support for IT projects:

We represent or support the tax function in IT projects with the clear goal of ensuring that tax requirements are met and value is created. In doing so, we always keep compliance in focus and support long-term and, above all, implementable solutions.


Efficient resource management:

We develop strategies to optimize resources in order to accomplish your tasks within existing budgets. Through long-term partnerships, we ensure a continuous increase in efficiency and support implementation.


Redesign of the Tax Operating Model (TOM):

We work together on a flexible TOM that adapts to changing conditions and defines clear responsibilities. In doing so, we integrate IT experts and create a sustainable basis for long-term success.  


Change management and skills development:

We support change processes through targeted communication and provide ongoing training.Integrative strategy alignment: We help you to seamlessly integrate the tax function into the corporate strategy. Our long-term partnership ensures that this integration is continuously supported over time.


Ongoing evaluation and adjustment:

We monitor the progress and success of our measures. Based on the results, we jointly adjust our strategies and solutions.


Our approach ensures that we focus on your individual requirements and goals over the long term and enable a sustainable transformation of your tax function. Through close collaboration and constant adaptation, we ensure the long-term success of your tax transformation.

"Strategic power is not accepting change, but shaping it to redefine success."

"The question is not whether we will face challenges in life, but how we will rise above them and turn them into opportunities for growth and success."

"Creating a target operating model is an exciting opportunity to achieve operational excellence through careful planning and execution. Let's embark on this journey together and witness your organization's success."


fields of play. 

Candy selection

greenfield selectionWe help identify digital solutions that are tailored to make your tax processes more efficient and leverage data-driven insights. As an independent consulting firm, we support our clients from: A as in "selection process" to Z as in "central data management". greenfield combines years of experience in the development and implementation of tax tools and data-driven solutions. With greenfield selection we support you in the selection and implementation of technologies for the tax function. The best thing about it: we can advise you independently and neutrally. Since greenfield does not develop tax tools itself, we are not in the situation of having to market our own in-house products. Using standardized evaluation approaches, we accompany you in defining the requirements and the subsequent RfP process for vendor selection. This applies not only to the selection of the right software, but also to the subsequent implementation.

Tax Operating Model

Tax Operating ModelThe Tax Operating Model (TOM) refers to the organizational structure and processes a company implements to manage its tax function. It includes how your company collects, analyzes, and reports tax information, as well as the internal controls it puts in place to ensure that the tax function is working properly. Such a tax operating model is important to ensure that the company can meet tax obligations while maximizing efficiency and profitability. An effective TOM can help your company minimize tax risks, reduce costs, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Together, we develop a TOM that flexibly adapts to the changing environment and establishes clear responsibilities to strengthen your tax function for the long term. The thematic modules "Tax Governance", "Tax Accounting", "Tax Planning", "Data & Technology" and above all "People" are addressed together.

Change Management

Change Management and Skill DevelopmentOur consulting approach to change management and skill development focuses on seamless integration of new technologies and targeted skill development. Through a detailed analysis of training needs, we develop customized programs tailored to your team's unique requirements. During the change process, we place special emphasis on clear communication and actively support you to minimize potential resistance and create a comprehensive understanding of the change. This helps to increase the efficiency and performance of your team and ensure a smooth transformation. Our long-term partnership ensures continuous development and adaptability to ensure sustainable success.

Digitization and integrative strategy alignmentWe help you seamlessly integrate the tax function into the overall business strategy to incorporate tax considerations into your business decisions early on. This includes working closely with IT experts to ensure end-to-end implementation. Developing a digitalization strategy for your tax function is an essential step to make the transformation successful. Our consulting in this area focuses on identifying and implementing customized digital solutions that optimize your tax processes and enable data-driven insights. Our consulting is based on a comprehensive understanding of your individual challenges and business goals. With a multidisciplinary approach, we offer you not just one-off solutions, but a long-term partnership that transforms your tax function into an agile, forward-looking entity, including data management, IT expertise and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Rent-a-Tax Team:Our service offers you the opportunity to benefit from our team of highly qualified tax and process experts without making long-term staff commitments. We offer this service to support your specific tax needs in a flexible and on-demand manner. Flexibility: Access our expertise when you need it. Highly qualified teams: Benefit from specialized tax experts who provide tailored solutions to your challenges. Cost-efficiency: Use our resources as needed, which optimizes costs and resource deployment. Rapid response: We are ready to respond quickly to urgent needs. Up-to-date expertise: Our team is familiar with the latest developments in taxation and brings in up-to-date expertise as well as "best practices" from other projects.

Rent a Tax Team

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