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We all need to act. Now. Ongoing climate change combined with environmental pollution and the loss of biodiversity are endangering health and prosperity. Every company is therefore called upon to assume social responsibility. New regulatory requirements additionally increase the pressure to act. 


Stocktaking - goal setting - implementation. The approach is clear, the implementation challenging. In many cases, the design of a fully integrated sustainability strategy is new territory and competes with other priorities. The focus must be on issues of far-reaching importance for the environment and the company's success. The analysis and development of tailored mitigation projects requires in-depth expertise in various disciplines.


To implement the strategic agenda, projects are needed that vary greatly in type and scope. On the one hand, there are mitigation projects. The multitude of possible topics is reflected, among other things, in the EU Sustainability Standards (ESRS), which outline more than 30 fields of action. Not to be neglected is the accompanying establishment of sustainability management. Selecting the appropriate implementation partners in each case is a complex and time-consuming task.


Initiatives to improve sustainability affect people, systems and processes along the entire value chain. How do complex corporate structures succeed in coordinated management in terms of strategic and operational sustainability goals?


Rome was not built in a day. For example, the goal of climate neutrality will accompany and challenge many companies for decades. What's more, sustainability in all its facets is not a measurable goal, but a call for continuous improvement in the interests of all of us. This change will greatly affect structures and behaviors that we have grown accustomed to. Therefore, strength, perseverance and the right structures are required.

The path to a sustainable business model will be difficult for many companies, but the goal is worth the effort: a competitive and sustainable economy as part of an environment worth living in.

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Kaspar Kühl

Kaspar Kühl

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Andreas Homrighausen

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Sven Zanft

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Clara Harms

Anker xgreen

our consulting. 

With xgreen, we have established a network of companies offering specialized sustainability services. Together, we bundle all the necessary competencies for setting up sustainability management as well as planning and supporting mitigation projects. 

Our various strengths - from energy audits and the analysis of wastewater flows to the development of a reporting system - complement each other in a meaningful way. The successful interaction of all partners involved is ensured by greenfield's comprehensive project management. We meet the diverse requirements of accompanying an ESG transformation in a network.  

What can you rely on?

- Each partner is characterized by speed, agility and leading expertise. 
- Our services complement each other. We work in a trusting and coordinated manner to ensure that you achieve rapid success.
- You benefit from always having the right partner at hand. The effort in selection processes is significantly reduced. 

Our coordinated support is designed for the long term. It starts with a free assessment of your requirements as a basis for a tailor-made offer. Would you like to learn more about how xgreen can support you? We look forward to a personal conversation with you.

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fields of play


Tailor-made sustainability strategyThe design of a sound sustainability strategy is as individual as your company. For us, understanding comes first. How is your existing strategy lived, how is your business model designed - and what are your sustainability ambitions? We know that the elaboration of focus topics and the derivation of fields of action can be complex and require diverse expertise, for example in product design, building technology or wastewater management. That's why our xgreen partners provide fast and uncomplicated support in the project as needed.

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Cleanly defined projectsTransitioning action areas into project planning creates the conditions for your mitigation projects to be successfully implemented. With our experience, tools and competencies, we support you from the project plan to the RACI matrix to the selection process for implementation partners.


Coordinated implementationFor the successful and transparent management of your mitigation projects, we stand by your side with classic and agile methods. Each xgreen partner brings the respective required technical expertise to the project management and at the same time shares high coordinated quality standards. This creates the conditions for comprehensive project management by greenfield in line with your strategic and operational sustainability goals.

Long-term supportWe understand sustainable transformation as a cycle of continuous improvement. As freelance and independent consultants, we are happy to stand by your side for the long term. We support you to the desired extent in all elements of the transformation.

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