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Digitalization brings with it a multitude of challenges, especially for medium-sized companies and craft businesses that have to navigate a rapidly changing business world. We are convinced that these challenges are at the same time a great opportunity to rethink long-standing processes in order to position one's company in the market in a future-proof, digital and sustainable way.

Missing processes

In the absence of defined processes, information sources and responsibilities are often not defined. The resulting dependencies can often become an "information killer" when individuals are absent. Invoices remain unpaid, binding statements to customers are not possible. The effects on customer and employee satisfaction are enormous. In the worst case, liquidity also suffers. An analysis of the current processes, the elaboration of necessary and helpful adjustments, as well as the definition and recording/documentation of responsibilities creates clear and unambiguous structures.

Manual financial accounting

Time-consuming posting of incoming invoices, manual recording of employee hours and manual posting of account movements are just a few of the points that lead to errors in accounting. Besides, they are enormous time-consumers and often lead to frustration and demotivation on the part of the employees. The handover to the tax advisor takes place every month in painstaking detail - paper documents are pored over and filed accordingly. The accountant is the source of information for all financial aspects and in his absence large information gaps occur. Communication with tax consultants, management consultants or banks is fundamentally difficult at this point. Binding statements at the push of a button are rarely possible. The use of digital solutions, such as the processing of incoming documents in the ZuGFeRD format or the posting of account statements via account statement manager, minimizes the susceptibility to errors and creates time windows for necessary evaluations, analyses or, for example, the dunning process. Liquidity is significantly improved in the medium term.

Lack of master data creation

Master data is at the heart of every company, but often receives little attention in everyday business life. However, the effects of inadequate master data creation and maintenance are enormous. From order processing to marketing to accounting, all areas of the company depend on good master data maintenance. Manually merging diverse data from different sources slows down the invoicing process, the account assignment of incoming invoices, etc., among other things. Defining clear responsibilities and processes helps companies to ensure master data maintenance and to structure processes well throughout. In the long term, this will not only ensure fast and complete data availability, but will also benefit liquidity.

Changing requirements and laws

Entrepreneurs are currently struggling with changing requirements and laws. The requirements of the legislator for small and medium-sized businesses are sometimes difficult to comprehend and implement. If the company actually has enough to do with running its business, recruiting employees and satisfying customers, such requirements on the part of the tax authorities are not only real time-consumers, but also cost the entrepreneur nerves. In most cases, the entrepreneur is dependent on consulting services from various areas, such as tax consulting, IT consulting and/or management consulting, in order to escape the paragraph jungle and meet the requirements.

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our consulting. 

In times of digitalization and sustainability, we offer comprehensive consulting services that are specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and craft businesses. We combine technology and expertise to optimize your business processes, ensure compliance, enable cost savings through CO2 reduction and make your company fit for the future. Whether it's process consulting, master data management, accounting or specialized services like Power BI dashboards and sales tax in the digital age, our dedicated team is with you every step of the way. Together, we shape the digital transformation - efficiently, sustainably and future-proof.

Many of our consulting services are eligible for funding within the framework of the funding programs of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, so that you can be reimbursed for up to 40% of the consulting costs incurred. You can find more information here. 

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fields of play. 


Process consultingIn process consulting, the focus is on optimizing business processes. With the help of the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) the processes are visualized and documented. BPMN is a standard for modeling business processes and enables a clear and understandable representation. By using BPMN, a common language is created that facilitates understanding and collaboration between different employees. The documentation of processes with BPMN supports the identification of improvement potentials and facilitates their implementation. Responsibilities are clearly defined as a result.


Creating and maintaining master dataWe close the gaps caused by missing master data in your company by defining exactly which requirements your company has for creating and maintaining master data. These can be legal requirements, such as checking the VAT identification number, or individual requirements, such as usability for marketing purposes. Especially in view of the upcoming introduction of electronic invoicing (e-invoicing), it is worth taking a look at the completeness of the existing data. We define clear responsibilities with your team so that incomplete data records are a thing of the past.

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Digitalization consultingIn recent years, the importance of digitalization has increased significantly, especially in craft businesses. In the context of our consultation we analyze the existing possibilities and extend these if necessary by external software solutions, in order to set up your enterprise future-safe. In addition to secure information management, this will also result in faster invoicing and thus significantly improved liquidity in the medium term. Digital is the future and with our expertise we are your partner to make the transition into the digital age smooth and efficient.

BookkeepingWe take over all activities within the scope of your financial accounting. From the account assignment of your vouchers to the advance VAT return, we take care of your tax matters. As your first point of contact for all tax-related questions, you can turn to us at any time. Our team of experts consists of colleagues from all tax fields. We are also happy to take over only parts of your financial accounting. It is also conceivable that you book the preparatory financial accounting in-house and we take over your data and forward it to the tax office. Accounting can be complicated and time-consuming. Trust in our know-how, so that you can concentrate on your business goals.

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Dashboard from Power biTogether with you, we determine your most important company key figures and design an individual company dashboard for you. These can be key figures from the area of accounts receivable and accounts payable, but we can also clearly display data from time recording, the warehouse or the individual departments. With the help of Power BI and your existing system data, you always have your company in view - anywhere, digitally and clearly. Use our customized dashboard solutions to always make informed decisions and successfully manage your company!

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VAT in the Digitale Age (Sales Tax in the Digital Age)VAT in the Digital Age means a fundamental change in sales tax processes. This results in new challenges and opportunities, especially for the national e-invoicing system. A key aspect of this digital transformation is invoicing at the individual transaction level. Companies must be able to submit a tax return with the corresponding invoice data within a few days of issuing an invoice. In addition, the use of a standardized invoice format is mandatory. This requires a comprehensive overhaul of existing processes and systems. To successfully master these challenges, a systematic approach is required. This includes controlled project management, clarification of process responsibilities within the company and coordination with tool providers for tax determination, reporting and invoicing. Implementing "VAT in the Digital Age" is a comprehensive task that requires effective coordination, collaboration of cross-functional teams and the targeted use of technology. However, with the right support and expertise, the digital transformation of the VAT function can be successfully implemented.

SustainabilitySustainability is not only a key to protecting our planet, but also a way to make your company more sustainable and at the same time more economical. With a combination of digitalization and process consulting, we help your company become more resource efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective. By implementing digital processes, you can reduce paper consumption, save energy, support CO2 reduction and thus achieve significant cost savings. Our process consulting uses methods such as Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) to visualize and optimize your processes, clearly define responsibilities, and identify areas for improvement. The benefits of sustainability lie not only in protecting the environment, but also in strengthening your business through cost efficiency and compliance as environmental standards rise. With a customized strategy that takes into account both your company's digital capabilities and sustainability goals, we'll ensure that your business is sustainable without impacting the planet. Whether you're a craft business or a medium-sized enterprise, we can provide you with solutions that make both environmental and economic sense. Contact us to learn how we can help you find the balance between profitability and sustainability!

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