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a community comprises a substantial group of individuals deeply interconnected and collaboratively functioning as a cohesive and successful system.

​At greenfield, close exchange with our external partners and customers is particularly important to us. The exchange of information, resources, knowledge, and experience beyond individual company boundaries collectively benefits us all. This applies to our customers in the context of their internal company experiences and project requirements just as much as it does to us and our network partners. 



sharing is caring.

For us, this is not just a popular phrase, but a true community concept.


  • Through close cooperation with external partners, we expand our know-how and can offer customized solutions from a holistic perspective (platform idea).

  • The interactive exchange with our customers enables us to understand their individual requirements and challenges.

  • We network customers with the same challenges and ideas amongst each other so that they can learn from each other's previous experience.

  • Through memberships in various institutions (e.g. DSAG and IDSt), we also ensure that we are always informed about current changes and topics and are able to identify best practices.

our community.

greenfield community

Our community fosters an environment where we can swiftly respond to emerging trends and developments. It enables us to identify and comprehend these changes, offering support at an early stage. This agility is crucial, especially when new requirements arise, facilitating a collaborative learning experience for all project participants—not just for the customer, but also for us as a consulting firm.

Do you also want to become part of our community? You can find more information on the following pages in the Community section.

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